"To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven." - Book of Ecclesiastes

The Jewish tradition brings great wisdom to the experience of death and loss. By experiencing the loss of a beloved family member within the framework of Jewish ritual, significant meaning and value can be found in this most difficult and painful transition in human life. We are here for you.

Our Rabbi wants to assure his availability to our community during times of loss. Therefore, after a loved one has passed away, contact us so that we are able to properly respond to your needs. We are available for counseling (both before and after death), for support in your time of need, and of course, we will always work with you to be available to officiate at a funeral. So that we may best serve you, please be sure to speak with us before you confirm the time and date of the funeral.

Once a date and time is determined, we will be able to schedule a time where you and/or other family members can come in and meet with Rabbi Mendy Bronstein for counseling, preparation for the funeral service, and to determine the ways to best honor the dearly departed. Following the funeral, our Rabbi will also be available to guide you through the mourning process including the observance of Shiva – traditional mourning services in the home of surviving family members.

To learn more, Please connect with us at: [email protected] / 407-280-0535.

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